Still not used to the daily workouts–sort of, anyway…

Posted: December 22, 2013 in Jake 2.0
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12/22/2013; 231.8 pounds / -6.2 / -15.2

Welcome to day 20.  As it turns out, getting the flu is a great way to get sidetracked from weight loss goals.  Here are the updates since last post:

  1. More exercise –  Last weekend EVERYONE in my house got the flu, one right after the other in a domino-like fashion.  First Zak, then Zoe, then Janine and I.  Unfortunately, I lost a day of exercise–the day that it would have been two weeks of consecutive days of working out.  Still, it was only a day, and I got right back on the train the next day.  And, something weird happened to me since my last post–I got on the treadmill one day after work, and ran a mile (well, jogged, technically, but still).  I didn’t have to stop to catch my breath, or to let my legs rest…and I jogged my first-ever 10-minute-mile (even in high school when we had to run a mile–that was 12th grade for me–I ran a 10:30 or thereabouts).  It was the fastest I’ve ever been able to do a mile.  Since then, I did it 3 more times, and last night I ran a 9:20 mile.  And I did it all without feeling like I was going to die!
  2. Healthier eating – Daily Shakeology for breakfast has been wonderful.  I don’t necessarily “feel” it, but I bet if I went without I would notice a difference.  I’m not as laggy in the morning, and it tends to last until lunch.  I’ve maintained a simple diet, consistent at least, which has helped with the weight loss (along with daily workouts) considerably.  Since last post, I did celebrate my 10-pound milestone at Cici’s.  Ate a bunch of pizza, but it just wasn’t that tasty…I’ll have to think of something better when I hit 20 pounds.
  3. Better attitude about my self-image – About a week ago, I moved up a belt notch, which was pretty exciting.  Then a couple of days later, I tried on a pair of jeans that were a size smaller (38’s instead of my usual 40’s) and they fit as well as my 40’s fit when I started losing weight a few weeks ago.  So although I’m not yet to the point where I would comfortably wear 38’s, I’m close–maybe another 5 pounds and I’ll be there.  And, my 40’s feel great, even a little baggy after a couple of days without washing them.  I’ve gotten a couple of comments from family members, which makes me feel great.
  4. Stronger will to make better choices in life – I told Janine a few days ago, that if my goal were to stop losing weight at the point I’m at right now, I would not at all miss the daily workouts.  But, I know it’s necessary, and I’m really starting to understand the importance of being more active.  I know that even once I’ve reached my final weight loss goal, I’ll still need to remain active to stay healthy–and that’s a great lesson to learn this early in the process.

I’m tremendously excited about my progress and success thus far, and I’m looking forward to hitting my first official weight loss goal of 20 pounds lost by the end of 2013 (that has some meaning which I’ll post about later when I hit that goal).  More to follow…have a happy and healthy holiday!  Be well.

  1. […] water (again).  My brother Jake has gotten really into his own workout and diet routine (including a truly badass treadmill and Shakeology), so I’ve been asking him some questions.  Knowing me, there will be updates […]

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