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I think when you become a parent, or just grow up in general, you realize how much stuff there is to take for granted.  Posting this on Memorial Day is certainly no coincidence, and is my way of thanking those that serve to protect our freedoms.

Think about the topics I’ve covered over the last year: personal beliefs, parenting styles, individual growth and development, sports, God, technology, dieting, mathematics, work…yes, a characteristically ‘random’ set of topics, but nonetheless telling of another story.  The reality is, barring any new employment agreements that I have yet to read through, I’m free to post nearly anything up here that I want, and it’s a wonderful thing.  What’s more is, we all have that freedom, and there are those who should be celebrated and honored for their struggles to make that dream a reality.

This isn’t about comparing American freedom to the freedom of those in other countries, and some may argue that we have restrictions in this country that we otherwise wouldn’t have to deal with elsewhere.  I’m not going to argue that–but instead will point out that the very specific set of freedoms we have are unique to this country, and that same set of freedoms cannot be organically found in any other nation in the world.  Our set of freedoms are as unique as your individuality.

I’ve seen quite a few posts on Facebook lately, more or less denouncing people for thinking of Memorial Day as “National Cookout Day,” because that minimizes the reality of the struggle that the people of our nation, past and present, have experienced.  But let me clear the air: I will be going to a cookout today.  I will have at least one beer, and might even play some catch.  I will be outside.  I will be enjoying the weather, regardless of whether or not I am aware of the ongoing fight to keep this country what it is (in whatever that means).  Today is Memorial Day, but it also is Cookout Day, or Zoo Day, or Sit-in-the-basement-in-your-underwear-and-play-video-games Day.  This day is whatever you want it to be, because you’re here, and that’s the gift that you’ve been given.

And it’s not about whether or not war is right or wrong, or if foreign occupation of a given country or territory should happen.  Some fight for this country with weapons.  Others use words, or actions, or their own personal beliefs and values.  Some display their support by going to a cookout, beer in hand, and playing cornhole.  Sure, some fight differently, you might even say harder, than others–but we are all a testament to the freedoms we have.

In whatever way you serve, thank you, and God Bless.

Be well and stay tuned.