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With packing my lunch nearly every day over the last 30 or so, I have largely relied on those small freezer packs that you can buy at Walmart or the like.  I’ve been putting some more serious thought behind blog topics since I stopped blogging daily, and came up with a fun way to honor the little blue servants that I count on constantly.  I’m not a big poetry guy, so bear with the “amateurness” of what I’ve come up with (although, considering you’re taking the time to read the blog at all, I don’t think amateurness is a chief concern of yours).


Ode to a Blue Ice Pack

I can’t convey how great you are to me:
The wondrous things that you afford my life,
wondrous ways for me to chill broccoli
that was cooked by my one beautiful wife.
Considering all that I have to gain,
I speculate about the uses mint
and ponder how my life might be for naught.
I sense coldness in my hands, but not pain
from time in a cold box that you have spent
waiting for things that are warm that I bought.

Whether at work or outside in my yard
I can be prepared with you at my side
to take away warmth; you don’t think it hard,
but how great is your contribution! Tried
have I to gain without your boxy form,
but I have no way else for food to chill
without a small fridge underneath my desk.
Just like a young child cowers from a storm
I avoid our lunchroom and seeing Bill
until I need to heat the food, burlesque
the work you’ve done by making meals lukewarm.

Words or crafty language don’t quite do you
and your impact in my small world well-by.
I know this relationship won’t get through
another year or two, but I won’t cry
if I need to replace your likeness with
one just like you. A journey to the store
is all it takes to seal the deal again,
and purchase a fourth or even a fifth
liquid filled ice pack, which I will adore
as I do you. Cold lunch with you? Not vain.


Be well, and stay tuned.