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The end of it all

Posted: November 30, 2012 in 20 Pounds in 30 Days

Well, it’s not the end of it all….but it is the end of the month and the end of my string of daily blogs.  It’s been….interesting.

I’ve spent a lot of time these last two and a half weeks reading other blogs, and getting to know the writing of some other WordPress users.  There’s a lot of good stuff out there, you should check it out.  One entry that spoke to me yesterday was by Christopher Hudspeth, a blogger for Thought Catalog.  This is the part I liked that sort of summed up my opinion of food and eating in general (the blog is titled 5 Things You’ll Hate Yourself For Doing):

3. Reaaally Poor Consumption Decisions

This means eating that thing you shouldn’t have eaten at a time when you shouldn’t have eaten it. A pint of ice cream at 3:00 A.M. = bubble guts at 3:05 A.M = no sleep. Taco Bell at anytime of day is going to result in an aching stomach and painful bowel movement, yet we do these things with a full understanding of the uncomfortable consequences that follow.

You know that bad little kid who knows damn well he shouldn’t be playing with fire? That’s us. His parents told him not to, our food pyramid and past experience told us not to. But the pyro can’t resist and when nobody is around, he lights matches and eventually sets something ablaze. It sucks to be that kid but food is just so good.

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I am that kid, or at least, I’d like to think that I used to be.  Wile I’m still 11 days (or thereabouts) from the finish line, I’d like to think I picked up at least one beneficial habit or tendency.  Doesn’t mean I’m not going to occasionally gorge on a pint of Ben & Jerry’s, but maybe I’ll be a bit more cautious about what I eat.  Like I said before, I feel much better than I did before…I’m not sluggish or tired, and aside from getting sick around thanksgiving, I’ve had a tremendous few weeks.

So, you can expect something in the next several days: maybe an update on the project, maybe something else entirely.  I look forward to making this a regular part of my life, but hopefully a more well thought out manner.

So with that: I’m up to 11 total pounds lost currently (so getting to 20 in the next 11 days is unlikely). Still I’m going to finish the project as planned, and go from there.  20 may be out of reach, but 15 surely is not.

Thanks as always for your participation.  Be well, and stay tuned.